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Meet Trish Bunting, Owner of L’Escape Travel


Hi! I’m Trish, your personal travel advisor. My goal at L’Escape Travel is to help travelers like you embark on vacations that inspire a lifetime of treasured memories.

In fact, my most vivid memories growing up involve travel. My mother is from Scotland, and starting when I was just five years old she would travel with me to her “home country” to visit her parents.

I can still recall the sweet smell of fresh-from-the-oven bread that my grandmother would send me to fetch down the street from the neighborhood bakery. I remember riding trains out to the countryside, my face glued to the window as the deep green landscape whizzed past. 

And of course, I remember the castles! Everytime I visited my grandparents I would ask the same question, “So what castles are we going to see this time?” For five-year-old me, tromping through Scotland in search of turreted castles felt like a fairytale come to life. 

I’ve expanded my travels quite a bit since those Scotland visits, having now checked off 25+ countries on my bucket list. And while I love to experience new places, people, and cultures, what I love most about travel today are the bonds I build with my loved ones. The vacations I’ve taken with my husband and son have certainly brought us closer together, leaving us with fond memories of golden beaches in Hawaii, rolling vineyards (and incredible food!) in Italy, and so many other destinations that will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

I would be honored to help you build incredible bonds with your loved ones through expertly planned travel experiences. Travel today has gotten terribly complicated, and it’s all-too easy to let the confusing logistics or constantly changing travel rules and protocols bog you down. Instead, you can hand off all your worries to me—I’m here to guide you to your best vacation options and keep you updated on must-know travel info. My extensive personal travel experience and worldwide network of travel contacts ensures you embark on a thoroughly vetted, thoughtfully planned vacation. 

All you have to do? Pack your bags—and get ready to make a lifetime of memories, together. Let me show you how!

Trish Bunting

Owner & Personal Travel Advisor 

L’Escape Travel


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